Dumpster Rental FAQ

Do I need to separate my materials?

Most customers choose to commingle materials into one dumpster for convenience.

What types of payments do you accept?

Payment for dumpster rentals must be secured by a credit card prior to delivery. We accept credit card

payments ONLY.

How should I fill a 15 yard dumpster?

There are many ways to fill a dumpster, but you can maximize the space in your 15 yard dumpster rental with these tips. First, walk large and heavy items inside the bin through the swinging door. To fill in the remaining space, you can toss small and light objects over the sides. Before we come back for the full container, make sure your debris is level, with nothing draped on the edges. This ensures a safe and successful pickup for our driver.

What can I throw in a 15 yard dumpster rental?

We accept most materials, including drywall, concrete, home clutter and yard waste. In some areas, you can dispose of appliances and mattresses with a 15 yard dumpster, but you may incur additional fees. These items take longer for landfills and transfer stations to process, making them more expensive to get rid of. Please note we can never haul away oil, asbestos, paint and other prohibited items due to safety concerns. If you have questions about the debris you’re tossing, contact our team

Why Your Dumpster’s Weight Limit Matters

While your debris may fit within the volume of the container you rent, the weight of your debris can exceed the dumpster’s weight limit. For example, a 10 yard dumpster filled with tree branches will weigh less than the same dumpster filled with broken concrete. This means you can only partially fill specific dumpster sizes with those heavier materials to stay within the weight limit.

Landfills charge disposal costs by the ton. Exceeding the dumpster’s weight limit will result in a per-ton overage fee. Always consider the type and weight of your materials when choosing a dumpster

How Much Can Your Dumpster Actually Hold?

The amount of weight you can put in your dumpster rental depends on the total capacity of your container, as well as the weight limit you agree to when you rent the dumpster.

What type of materials you are getting rid of plays a big part in how much you’ll be able to fit into each roll off dumpster size.

Volume Capacity vs. Weight Limit

What is a dumpster’s volume capacity?

The volume, or amount of space in your dumpster is measured in cubic yards (e.g., 10 cubic yards). Cubic yards are a measure of volume, not a measure of weight. Depending on what you’re throwing away, a completely full 10 yard dumpster could have drastically different weights. For example, one cubic yard of mulch weighs about 1,000 pounds, while one cubic yard of concrete weighs about 4,000 pounds.

 What is a dumpster’s weight limit?

Your weight limit, measured by tonnage, is the boundary we set when scheduling a dumpster rental. Landfills charge for disposal by the ton, so to keep your costs low, we’ll try to match the correct weight limit to your project.

Remember, your weight limit may not be the full capacity of your dumpster, depending on what you’re throwing away. For example, two cubic yards of concrete in a 20 yard dumpster is only 10% of the volume capacity, but likely over 100% of your weight limit.

How Your Weight Limit Impacts Your Price

Rather than charge you for the maximum capacity that your dumpster can hold right from the start, we will provide a low rate based on your scope of work that ensures you aren’t overpaying.

For example, you’re cleaning out your garage and aren’t sure if you have 1 or 2 tons of trash. A 15 yard dumpster with a weight limit of 1 ton costs $400

You’ll pay the lower cost upfront for 1 ton and complete your garage cleanout. Our driver picks up your dumpster and takes it to the landfill where your debris is weighed. It was close, but you ended up weighing in at 1.1 tons.

We’ll charge you the extra money for the additional weight. You will see this charge reflected on your final invoice a week or two after pickup. Our goal is to always keep your cost as low as possible, so we avoid overcharging you if you don’t think you’re going to need a full 2 ton-disposal.

How full can I fill my container?

Containers of mixed material should not be filled past the top edge of the dumpster.

Overloaded or overweight containers that cannot be removed from site may incur an additional charge.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Dumpster prices range from $399 – $639 depending on the size of the dumpster, your location, how long you need it, and what you will be throwing out. Check out our pricing for more information or contact us with questions.

How long is the dumpster rental period?

All of our dumpster rentals now come with a standard 7-day rental period. If you fill it up early, call us and we can come pick it up. If you need it longer, just let us know and we will make accommodations, charges apply!

Can I use the dumpster for construction materials?

You can dispose of construction materials like brick, cement, and metal but you must notify us ahead of time and rent one of our construction dumpsters.

Do you offer junk hauling services?

While we do haul junk away for you, we leave the dumpster for you to fill personally. We do not have a crew to help load them for you. We think filling the dumpster yourself is the better way to get rid of junk anyway as you can control what goes and what stays.

How high can I fill the dumpster?

All materials must be visibly lower than the upper rim of the container. There should not be anything showing above the dumpster while looking at it straight on. Please reach out to us if you are disposing of materials that require special consideration.

Do I need a permit for my dumpster rental?

You may need a permit depending on where your site is located; check with your municipality for their requirements.

 Fox Dumpster Rentals is not responsible for obtaining dumpster permits nor are we responsible for any fines incurred

 for failure to comply with city regulations. If your site is in the City of Philadelphia, you can call this number

 (215) 686-5500 .

Note: In Philadelphia, dumpster renters are required to have a permit

when the dumpster is located on a city street or sidewalk. Dumpsters must be placed on plywood

and covered with a tarp when not in us

What do I need to do to prepare for container service?

Before your dumpster rental is scheduled to arrive or be picked-up, we recommend that you block off the necessary

area for the truck and trailer, making sure that the dumpster trailer is not blocked in by vehicles.

We also recommend having someone onsite to accept the delivery and that all gates be unlocked prior to delivery or pickup. Please also note that dry, stable ground is required for dumpster delivery and pickup. Consider any low-hanging wires, trees or porches that may be in the area before deciding where to place your dumpster.

What can I put in my dumpster rental?

You can put all construction, demolition, industrial and manufacturing debris into your dumpster EXCEPT

 this list of prohibited materials we don’t accept.

Is a 15 Yard Dumpster Right for My Project?

Our 15 yard dumpster rentals can haul away drywall, household junk, heavy renovation debris and more. This size accommodates both residential and commercial projects


No mattresses or tires (additional fees will apply). NO Hazardous Materials including

Hazardous waste






Wet waste

Food waste



Railroad ties


Medical waste

Mercury containing devices

Radioactive material

Freon containing devices

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